Natalia Rabell

Transdiciplinary Artist and Integral Designer

Natalia Rabell (she/they) is a transdisciplinary artist and designer who works with: audiovisual, graphic design and mixed media. She is currently based in Vancouver. They focus on dreams, surrealism, imagination and their queer identity. She studied at the School of Artistic Initiation and at the School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

They enjoy the challenges of making installations, urban interventions and hold the universal values of rights, diversity, respect, and taking care of the environment. Natalia's work goes beyond the canons, they strongly believe in the imagination as a tool to make creative alternatives. She has faith in the right to dream and constantly exercising that right as a way of life.

She has participated in Vancouver Queer Arts Festival with Machinenoisy Dance Society and non-binary resistance collective in cdmx with poellages. Exhibited work at TGP (Taller de Gráfica Popular), tianguis of laboratory 118,  tianguis de Gráfica la zurda in the forest of Chapultepec and hive collective house. Natalia has received a grant from Grupo Carso Technology and Innovation Center and a scholarship from the multimedia center in the electronics and art department.