Sii-am Hamilton

Sii-amHamilton is a Sto:lo and Nuučaan̓uł land defender and traditional knowledgeholder born in occupied Hupacasath territory, Port Alberni, British Columbia tomother Kwitsel Tatel and father Ron Hamilton. Their experience stems from timeon the land, feast culture, and living traditional law and protocol. They are aqualified hand poke tattoo artist as well as a song holder. Sii-am has beenraised in political organization, land title, and grassroots activism sincechildhood, and now specializes in publicity/media promotion of environmentaland land sovereignty movements. Sii-am does Indigenous youth solidarityorganizing across Turtle Island with a focus on raising awareness of Missingand Murdered Indigenous Woman, Girls, and 2Spirit people. They have plans tocontinue their learning through academic study with an end goal ofdisseminating all forms of settler colonialism in exchange for the survival ofBlack, Brown, and Indigenous people around the world.