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Vines Art Festival 2024

As Vines approaches its tenth anniversary we ask artists to consider fulfilling ways of being, stories and ritual from the past as a means for building a present and future that is more habitable. We ask artists to share and challenge the lore of their lineages. We invite artists to sit in a Utopia outside of colonialism to question their morality, our collective humanity, what we will leave behind and who will have access to it. We call on artists to (re)imagine, (re)generate, (re)create our fifth earth through song, dance, poetry, storytelling and visual arts.

Applications are now closed.

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About Vines

Vines is an arts organization that is responsive to and nurturing of artists that are working toward land, water, and relational justice. 

We enable social transformation by uplifting and creating space for healing that occurs organically within the intersections of art, connection to authentic self, connection to community and connection to land.

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Art is a story; and we were fortunate enough to bear witness to hundreds of them at Vines Art Society. Your donation supports the healing and survival of artists in our community.

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