Vines Art Festival 2024 Artist Applications

fulfilling prophecies of our past & future
our living legacy

In this global seismic reshake, we are reminded that there is no beginning or end; but cycles and storms that our ancestors and grandchildren will have to weather. Time brings us to a reality that feels more like dystopia and we are left to question how we build, learn, grow, tend, dream and heal through such darkness. As Vines approaches its tenth anniversary we ask artists to consider fulfilling ways of being, stories and ritual from the past as a means for building a present and future that is more habitable. We ask artists to share and challenge the lore of their lineages. We invite artists to sit in a Utopia outside of colonialism to question their morality, our collective humanity, what we will leave behind and who will have access to it. We call on artists to (re)imagine, (re)generate, (re)create our fifth earth through song, dance, poetry, storytelling and visual arts.

Vines prioritizes the lived experiences of QTBIPOC and Disabled artists. We invite artists of all disciplines interested in creating outdoor site-specific works at local Vancouver parks to apply. In addition to performances, we are looking for visual artists to create work that can be temporarily installed in parks. Site specific work can be in architecture, landscape, history or story. To better understand the places we present work in please visit our accessibility videos. We believe that when artists are present in public space we are actively reshaping these spaces and redefining who they are for.


We encourage applicants to propose, create and submit new works that revolve around the theme of (RE)CREATION. Collaboration is encouraged. Make sure that your collaborators have consented and agreed to work with youInteractive art that allows audience participation is also recommended. We love experimental work and both durational and shorter pieces are accepted*. In other words—we are very open! The only stipulation is the theme of work should be connected to the earth, community and/or systemic change.

Although we have access to sound equipment and some necessary technology, Vines is a low tech festival hosted on public space. Most events take place in the daytime. Things like projections are not within our capability. If you’re curious about if your piece’s tech needs can be fulfilled, don’t hesitate to check in!

Keep in mind that your work should speak from your own experiences. If you or your collaborators are not a part of a cultural group, please don’t submit a piece about that cultural group. Nothing about us without us!

We strongly recommend those in intersectional and marginalized communities to apply including folks who are disabled, Blind, have low vision, are Deaf, hard of hearing, neurodivergent, Black, Indigenous, racialized, migrants, houseless, low income, queer, and trans. We prioritize voices often pushed out or erased. 

*Staged pieces are from 10-25 minutes and durational pieces are 30 min-2 hrs and are works that audiences can come and go to or pass by.


Application due:
February 5, 2024 at 11:59 PM PST

Results released:
March 2024

Honorarium, project dependent. If you have questions about fee, email

Dates of festival:
August 7-17, 2024

Possible locations:
Trout Lake Park (south end), Dude Chilling Park, Stanley Park, Oppenheimer Park, Pandora Park, Creekside Park, Grandview Park, Sunset Beach


We invite d/Deaf and hard of hearing artists who are most comfortable in ASL to submit your application in video form in ASL answering the application questions. Please submit your video through a Youtube or Vimeo link sent to If you have questions about the application and festival that cannot be communicated by email, let us know that we need to arrange a phone call via relay service or on zoom with an ASL interpreter. Please include your name, email, phone number, mailing address, and english pronouns in the body of the email.


We are accepting video applications (max 15 mins) through a Youtube or Vimeo link sent to from any artist for whom it is challenging to submit a written application. You do not have to worry about editing or being visible in the video, just make sure that we can understand your voice and ideas, and please enable auto captioning. Please include your name, email, phone number, mailing address, and pronouns in the body of the email.


We will discuss accessibility with artists early in the curation process to meet the needs of blind, d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent audience members and artists. To do so we will work collaboratively with you to identify how to best curate the festival to support diverse access needs, including your own. Keep in mind throughout your application that for works including spoken word, music and theatre, you will need to provide a transcript one week before your performance at the latest to allow for ASL interpreters’ preparation.