Heirloom Exchange

The Metaphor

Heirloom plants grow from seeds that are handed down from one generation to the next. They provide nourishment and healing through culture, food and gathering. Heirloom seeds provide a revival to life through celebrating the teachings of those that have tended to the garden before us.

The Exchange

We have been living through unprecedented times- times  that have been full of loss, confusion, grief, division and uncertainty. Vines is planting seeds in the community to hold nourishing events and workshops hosted by community partners and organizations who have continued to be committed to creating healing, safe and expressive spaces throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enriching the Creative Resistance

As we navigate through multiple pandemics and crisis, creativity continues to be the resistance. In these times of inequality and injustice, vision for communities of healing has been the resistance. May the seeds planted with these creative rebels continue feeding the community for years to come.

The Events

Heirloom Exchange Events will take place from January through July 2023. All events are free or by donation. The Heirloom Exchange Events are just as diverse as the community it serves; events include Gallery Exhibits, Drag Shows, Garden Events, Concerts and Theatre pieces.

Past Events

umi’s prayer

Secwepemc Sovereignty Fundraiser

Honour Their Names: Art Exhibit

Hey Spring!

May Day: International Workers Day