Vines Den

Welcome to the Vines Den! The Vines Den is a multi-use space intended for community to gather, create, and share. Our newly renovated studio and flex space is accepting bookings for small-scale events, rehearsals, workshops, performances and more.

Please review our Booking Guidelines carefully before submitting a Rental Request Form.

Booking Info and Guidelines

Vines Den
825 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1R8

Studio has a standing room capacity of 120 people; sitting room capacity is 60 people.
Flex space has a capacity of 60 people.

  • Bookings must be a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Booking requests must be submitted no later than 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Please take a look at the Rental Calendar tab for studio availability. Booking requests can then be made by submitting a request form through the Rental Request Form tab or through this link. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review and confirm your request.
  • There is a 15-minute window between bookings. Please ensure you are out of the space once your booking has ended so that there is no crossover with the next rental.
  • Renters are responsible for keeping the studio and flex space clean and in good condition during their booking.
  • No parties allowed; this is essential and allows us to maintain our space.
  • Rentals are not covered under Vines Art Society's insurance. We ask that you obtain insurance for the duration of your rental.
  • Please keep in mind that the Vines staff also uses the Den as a working space during the week; there will be times during bookings that staff will also be coexisting in the flex space and kitchen.
  • Both the studio and flex space will be booked under event, performance and gallery show rentals; all other bookings will only include the studio.
  • All rentals include access to:
    • Wifi
    • Kitchen and bar area (Note: not including oven, stove and deep freezer. Add-on fee available to access these for events only)
    • General bluetooth speakers (add-on fee available to access all tech equipment)
    • Tables, chairs, moveable wall
    • Storage for small-sized items

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Bookings are only fully confirmed once payment is received.
Payments are accepted via e-transfer, cheque, Square or credit card.

We understand that things come up—if you need to cancel your booking please email as soon as possible.

Hourly, Day & Evening Event Rentals
1-week notice of cancellation: 100% full refund

Weekly Rentals
2-week notice of cancellation: 100% full refund

For any inquires about rentals or the space, please email

Rental Rates

*Subsidized Rates are available for non-profit organizations and low-income artists.

Hourly Rental
Standard Rate
Subsidized Rate*
Minimum 4 hours
Day Rental
Midnight to midnight
Weekly Rental
Up to 7 days
Evening Event* Rental
4-11 PM

*Event = bookings that are promoted with invited guests.

Please note that we have limited capacity for events each month.
Kitchen Add-On
Includes additional access to stove, oven and deep freezer. For events only.

Non-event rentals include access to small appliances and refrigerator.
Tech Gear Add-On
See Tech Gear tab for list of available equipment.

All rentals include access to general speakers.
Lighting and Projector Only Add-On

Space Sharing Guidelines

  • Vines Den is located in the Downtown Eastside. Many people in the Vines community including staff and artists are from or have connections to the Downtown Eastside. Vines as an organization is committed to being in good relationship with the residents of the DTES. When using the space, keep in mind that Vines prioritizes the safety of people that reside in the neighbourhood. If you’re a guest in the DTES, we ask that you reflect on the impact that colonialism, racism, ableism, anti-drug use and anti-houseless people rhetoric have on the residents of this neighbourhood. 
  • The Vines Den is primarily by and for people who are Black, Indigenous, racialized, disabled, neurodivergent, mad, queer, Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary, and hold other marginalized identities. We want the Vines Den to be a space where people feel held and respected, and where we can hold difficult conversations when harm is done. We’re committed to navigating conflict in our space in a way that seeks accountability and repair. However, if an individual or group of people are not willing to learn and move from conflict, we may have to ask that they no longer participate in programming held at the Vines Den or sublease the space. 
  • Many of us in the Vines community are drug users and have loved ones who are drug users. We recognize the impact of the toxic drug supply and the war on drugs on members of our communities. While the Vines Den is not meant to be a supervised consumption site, we know that drug use may happen in our space. We have safer snorting, injection and smoking kits available in the space, as well as a needle disposal unit and naloxone kits. We also have booklets and infographics on drug destigmatization, safer drug use, and STI’s available for anyone to take. 

    Please check out this map for nearby supervised consumption sites, overdose prevention sites, and drug testing services. Vines staff are trained in narcan use, but for your safety, we recommend that you use at one of these sites. They are much better prepared to respond to medical emergencies than us. If that’s not an option for you and you would still like to use in the space, don’t use alone in the bathroom! We ask that those subleasing the space work towards destigmatizing drug use and make use of the tools mentioned above.
  • Many in our communities are at risk of experiencing police and institutional violence. As an organization by and for marginalized people, we would like to keep the police out of the space and the neighbourhood. In case of an emergency during a Vines event, please reach out to a staff member. We will assess how best to respond to the situation at hand. If we are required to call 911 for a medical emergency, we will work to ensure that police are not sent. If for any reason police were to be at the Vines Den, please give space for our staff to engage with officers and avoid escalation.

    We recognize that those subleasing our space have different levels of preparedness and capacity to respond to emergencies. We ask our community to explore abolition and de escalation. Ultimately, we ask that you do your best to keep you and other community members safe. If police are present in the space, please make sure to document the interaction. 
  • Please use the space with care. We’re overjoyed to be able to offer a community hub equipped with the things that make us (and we hope you!) feel at home. We ask that you help us maintain the space and the things in it in good condition.
  • The Vines team works very hard to ensure that we’re able to offer spaces and programming for our communities. We would like to humbly request that the respect and generosity we offer is reciprocated. Community spaces and organizations led by a majority queer, trans, disabled and racialized team are few and far between. This work takes a bigger physical and emotional toll on us due to its personal nature. As multiply marginalized people, we are sometimes subjected to demands beyond our capacity. While we remain open to conversations and feedback from our communities, we reserve the right to establish boundaries that maintain our health and well-being.


You can find a word document version of our full Accessibility offerings here.


825 E Hastings Street

Nearest Transit Lines


Bus Stop location
Bus #
Distance from venue
E Hastings and Hawks
16 - 29th Ave
14 - Hastings
20 - Victoria
80 meters or <1 block


Bus Stop location
Bus #
Distance from venue
E Hastings and Hawks
16 - Arbutus
14 - UBC
20 - Downtown
60 meters or <1 block


There is street parking on E Hastings Street by the Vines Den and across the road:

  • No parking 7AM-10AM Mon-Fri
  • 2H parking 10AM-6PM Mon-Sat

Space Accessibility


  • Please note that entering the space using a wheelchair will require assistance. We're not able to add a permanent ramp to the building, so we've purchased a portable metal ramp. Using it requires someone to place it and put it away after use.
  • The building has a fenced entrance 49 inches wide, up 2 steps. The portable metal ramp (29 inches wide, 1:3.7/15° slope) can be placed over the steps.
  • The landing is 44 inches long from the end of the ramp to the Vines Den door.
  • The Vines Den door opens outwards from the right side and has a clearance of 32 inches.
  • There are no steps once inside the Vines Den.


The bathroom is not yet completely accessible. Please read below to see if this bathroom works for you:

  • The door opens outwards and has a clearance of 33 inches.
  • The bathroom can be accessed on a wheelchair.
  • The seat is 15 inches above the ground.
  • There are currently no holding bars in the bathroom.
  • The sink is outside the bathroom. It is 35 inches tall.


  • The kitchen is accessed through the main space. The door has a clearance of 35 inches.
  • Countertop is 36 inches above the floor.

Studio and Event Space

  • The studio is accessed through the kitchen. The door has a 32-inch clearance.
  • The space is large and clear of furniture to allow for different setups.

Harm Reduction

Much of our work at Vines Art Society is led by and is in solidarity with drug users. Our communities are at high risk of overdose and death due to the toxic drug supply, drug stigma, drug criminalization, and the targeting of community led initiatives to provide safe supply. Drug users are our family, friends, colleagues, and community members. We recognize drug use as a necessity for many folks. With that in mind, we have these items available in our bookshelf:

  • Info booklets on harm reduction practices and STIs
  • Safer snorting kits
  • Safer injection kits
  • Safer smoking kits
  • Condoms
  • Sharps disposal units

Please check out this map for nearby supervised consumption sites, overdose prevention sites, and drug testing services. Vines staff are trained in narcan use, but for your safety, we recommend that you use at one of these sites. They are much better prepared to respond to medical emergencies than us. If that’s not an option for you and you would still like to use in the space, feel free to let us know so we’re ready to respond to emergencies!

Remember to Get Your Drugs Tested and don’t use alone!

Tech Gear

  • Tech Gear add-on will include access to all equipment listed below
  • Techs available for hire @ $35/hr

PA/Monitor Speakers
- Yorkville Excursion Mini (battery powered) (x 2)
- Yorkville EXM Mobile 12 (battery powered) (x 2)
- Yorkville YXL12P (x 3)
- Yorkville YXL18SP

Mics & DIs
- Sennheiser e835 (x 3)
- Sennheiser e609 (x 2)
- Sennheiser e604 (x 4)
- Sennheiser e614 (x 2)
- Sennheiser e902
- Sennheiser EW G4-835-A Wireless
- Shure SM58
- Shure SM57 (x 2)
- Radial ProDI (x 2)
- Radial J48
- Radial AV2

Mics/Speaker Stands
- Tall booms stands (x 9)
- Horseshoe stand
- Speaker stands (x 4)

- Yorkville LP-LED4X (x 2)


- 25ft XLR (x 20)
- 50ft XLR (x 6)
- 10ft 1⁄4” (x 4)
- 1⁄8” to 2x 1⁄4”
- 1⁄4” to female XLR (x 3)
- 100ft 24x4 XLR snake

Console & Rack Units
- Tascam Model 24
- DBX AFS 2 Feedback Suppressor

- Art Pro Surge Protected Power bars (x 4)
- 25ft 3 outlet extension cables (x 4)
- 50ft extension cable (x 2)
- 100ft extension cable
- Eco flow DELTA 2 Solar Generator
- Gas powered generator

Kitchen Equipment

Coming soon