Why You Should Support Vines

Vines Art Festival, Vancouver’s premiere eco-arts and land justice festival, is creating revolutionary events in outdoor spaces across the city. Spanning 12 days in August, Vines Art Festival showcases cutting edge artists from across disciplines and supports the creation of site-specific performances and creations. Vines Art Festival provides stages for emerging and established artists and amplifies powerful voices with something to say.

Vines hosts events outdoors to create deeper relationships with the land we aim to preserve by forging new associations through unique, memorable experiences. By fostering partnerships between environmentalists, scientists, activists, and artists of all disciplines Vines Art Festival inspires other citizens to consider the ways in which we occupy space and how we can interact more gently with our parks, our city, and our planet.

Vines Art Festival believes all people are enriched by access to culture, so all of our events are 100% free to remain financially accessible. Because of this, we rely on support from caring individuals like you.

You can help us make a lasting and wide-reaching impact. Make a donation today to help Vines bring even more dynamic, empowering art to the city of Vancouver. For more information, please contact Heather Lamoureux at heather@vinesartfestival.com.

Donate with Canada Helps with the button below and receive a tax receipt. Vines Art Festival, 2610 Cambridge St, Vancouver BC V5K1L5

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