fulfilling prophecies of our past & future
our living legacy

In this global seismic reshake, we are reminded that there is no beginning or end; but cycles and storms that our ancestors and grandchildren will have to weather. Time brings us to a reality that feels more like dystopia and we are left to question how we build, learn, grow, tend, dream and heal through such darkness. As Vines approaches its tenth anniversary we ask artists to consider fulfilling ways of being, stories and ritual from the past as a means for building a present and future that is more habitable. We ask artists to share and challenge the lore of their lineages. We invite artists to sit in a Utopia outside of colonialism to question their morality, our collective humanity, what we will leave behind and who will have access to it. We call on artists to (re)imagine, (re)generate, (re)create our fifth earth through song, dance, poetry, storytelling and visual arts.


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