Orchid Orchestra


Orchid Orchestra is a vibrant Vancouver-based musical force, fusing modern pop, hip-hop, and gospel for a uniquely soulful sound. Their journey began in 2022 as members found a rekindled passion for music within a vibrant choir community.  Driven by a shared love of vulnerable expression, the six-piece band's connection was undeniable.

At the heart of Orchid Orchestra is songwriter Rupert Hudson. After immersing himself in a two-year meditation retreat, a wellspring of raw emotion found its way into the band's music,  infusing their sound with authenticity.  Orchid Orchestra's songs are candid reflections of collective experiences – trials, joys, and the beauty within life's imperfections.

The past year was pivotal: an unexpected $1000 investment fueled their first EP recording, strengthening the band's cohesion.  Headlining shows yielded increasing crowds and impressive online streams. In 2023, they integrated cello into their live performances, adding depth and theatricality that moved audiences to tears.

Orchid Orchestra's growth is undeniable. From acoustic beginnings to impactful, emotionally charged shows, they leave a lasting impact on listeners, inviting them to connect on a deeper level.