Judith Colibrí

Multidisciplinary Artist

Judith Colibri is a emergent multidisciplinary artist,  profesional dancer and choreographer, composer and educational psychologist. Judith has danced and participated in different national and international festivals from 2014 to date. She has performed in  Cuba, Colombia,  México, Canada and the US.

In her interest as a creator are issues of social and environmental interest. She has made works that talk about feminicide as a current problem in Latin America, about the massacre of students in Mexico in 1968, but also more hopeful themes such as community, unity, empathy and social transformation through art.

As a teacher she has worked with people of different ages sharing the basics of movement, using dance as a tool for self-knowledge and healing. As a dancer she does different styles of dance: contemporary, afrobeats, pop dance and improvisation. For her, dance is a universal language that helps us maintain our physical and emotional health and helps us regain a sense of community.