Oh Pray Tell

Interdisciplinary Musicians

Oh Pray Tell is a musical trio of interdisciplinary artists – Shayna Jones, Betty Supple and Sally Titasey – based on Sinixt Territories in the West Kootenays. Our sound is rooted in RnB, soul, gospel and folk. Three-part harmonies grounded with banjo, cajon and stomp-clap rhythms carry folk stories, our stories, jokes, invocations, questions and declarations. Through a process of “scrying what is,” we weave poetry and melody and allow it to transform us as we move through new and ancient worlds of rhythm, song and spoken word.

Shayna Jones (she/her) is a full blooded African Canadian woman.

Sally Titasey (she/they) is a Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous Australian) of Melanesian descent with ancestry from Indonesia, England, Scotland and Ireland.

Beth Stupple (she/they) is a descendent of white settlers with ancestry from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Our collective themes touch on identity, sense of place, and social responsibility through creative expression of our personal experiences. This, for us, is an important part of healing from and recognizing our respective relations to colonial oppression, and is our humble offering.