Painter & Textile Artist

My name is Rosa Lai Fong Chan. At 1988, I came from Hong Kong. Since  1989 to 2018. I was a Volunteer at Vancouver General  Hospital. And then from 1994 to 2018, I also a volunteer at Downtown 3H Community Center, did craft work, and then I also a volunteer at BC Lung Association form 1995 to 2018. Then I fell.  I was not doing Volunteer. Now I am using a walker.

Since 1989 to 2010, I studied at Vancouver Community College. I studied an English and computer classes. Just from 2011 to 2018. Then I studied at Vancouver School Board at Downtown East. The  Education were an English and Computer classes.

I liked craft work, and I worked at 3 H Community Center, I did Hand Puppets more than 13 years. After that  I learned Chinese Knotting at E. 41st  street  at the Neighborhood Community Center.

I  practice a variety of art disciplines. I have joined groups at Carnegie Community Centre, We Press, at Gallery  Gachet, and Oppenheimer Park for painting and workshops.

The Neighborhoods Sketch Book Project  in 2017 at Gallery Gachet was an important opportunity for me. It featured hand bound and sketchbooks from members of the DTES. Each sketchbook told the story of the person who created it. The pages resonated with Wisdom, and Resilience of these artists and their communities.

About 6 years ago my friend referred me to go to The Carnegie Community Center to learn how to draw a picture and printing, at that time. When I learned drawing and printing, I thought, both were easy. Then I did, but, those were not easy. Which  things that  were otherwise difficult to put into words.  Now, I believe that   art is a way to express myself as well as a good way to relax.