Phiroozeh Petigara

Writer, Storyteller, Authenticity Coach

Phiroozeh (she/her) is a queer South Asian writer, storyteller and truth seeker living on stolen Coast Salish lands. Phi writes into the intersections of chronic illness, queerness, creativity and spirituality as experienced by a brown immigrant. Phi believes that creativity and healing are intrinsically connected and she uses storytelling and energy healing as tools to access one’s inner wisdom. As a creativity and authenticity coach, Phi helps folks embody their authenticity in life and in their art by examining their inner narratives, decolonizing their mindset, and embodying their truth so they can create art as liberation, for themselves and the collective. Phi’s writing has been published in several anthologies and zines. She is the editor of “Black Elder Voices: Reflecting Our Journeys”, an anthology of her elder writing students. Read more at @decolonizingaunty and