Marco Esccer, Carolina Silva, Carla Alcántara

Multidisciplinary Artists

Carla Alcántara, Carolina Silva, and Marco Esccer converge as a dynamic collective, weaving their diverse talents into a tapestry of interdisciplinary artistry focused on migration.

Carla, a Mexican-born artist, founded TEMPO Dance & Visual Art, blending dance, photography, and videography to create accessible yet profound narratives.

Carolina, hailing from Colombia, infuses her musical expertise, spanning classical to folkloric styles, into the mix.She is currently working on highlighting her Latin heritage through her original compositions and performing in various festivals and venues in Vancouver.

Marco, a versatile queer dance artist and writer, brings his dance background, interdisciplinary art production and dance movement therapy lense to the collective. Marco's work delves into identity, healing and belonging. Together, they epitomize artistic convergence, exploring the universal human experience of migration through latin american narratives of movement, sound, and emotion.