Victoria Marie

Visual Artist

The Reverend Dr. Victoria Marie is originally from Brooklyn, New York.  She has called Canada home since 1965 and Vancouver since 1979.  She is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since 1990.  Since 2012, Victoria served as pastor of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tonantzin Community until her retirement in September 2023.  Victoria is a published author, her book "Transforming Addiction" is about the role of spirituality in learning recovery from addiction, published by Scholars Press.

She defines herself as a late blooming, self-taught watercolour and acrylic artist.  Her visual art journey began in November 2020 at age 75.  As she grows closer to joining them, Victoria feels compelled to form a relationship with her ancestors through art, that is, to portray the strength and compassion of the people who came before her before they were colonized by non-endemic religions.  As a member of Sierra Club BC artists, she believes that we part of the earth community and have a responsibility to take care of the earth. This is reflected through her paintings.  Victoria's work has been part of several exhibitions including the 2023 Vines Arts Festival and the 2023 PoMo Art Gallery's Art4Life exhibition.

Photo credit: Sarah Whitlam Photography