Amy Amantea

Multidisciplinary Artist

Amy Amantea, (she/her), has lived experience of both visible and invisible disability and identifies as having a profound sight loss. Seeing her sight loss as a “gift”, Amy has spent many years of her career in accessibility focusing on systemic change in the area of arts and culture. As an artist and creator, she has focused her work on the relationship to the lived experience of disability and how she experiences the world through her unique lens.

Under the artistic umbrella of Realwheels Theatre, Amy has performed in Arun Lakra’s “Sequence” (2017), Comedy on Wheels (2016), Wheel Voices Tune In (2021). Amy is also a media and radio personality for Accessible Media Inc and produces/hosts one of their original podcast, “Accessing Art with Amy”.

Working in her capacity as the Community Outreach Coordinator for VocalEye Descriptive Arts Society and the Accessibility Coordinator for the Arts Club Theatre Company have furthered access for arts lovers that identify with disability in our local community and a far. Participating in the Vines festival, in two pieces, has been a joy and an opportunity to continue developing as a creative artist.