Mark McLeod


I liked to listen to a lot of  music hits played on the radio 1960-1970. Grade six and seven we had music class.  Students played guitars and sang a variety of popular songs. I had a guitar at home and played it sometimes for fun. I quit school and worked in restaurants, bakeries  and other casual jobs. At forty one for two years I attended continuing ed for adults in Vancouver and received a grade twelve Diploma. I started to play the guitar again and wrote some songs. I started performing at the open mic in Surrey. Regularly I perform at the Poetry Cabaret  @ Carnegie Center.  I received DTES Small Arts Grants in 2018,  2019 and 2020 to record original songs. I have performed at the OutSiders Festival, Vancouver Emergence Festival,  Heart Of The City Festival and performed live on Vancouver Coop Radio. Other artistic interests are drawing and video. I enjoy performing. Hope to perform more often in the future. I perform solo. Never been in a band but this allows me to be more personal when I get on stage and improvise if I like. Some songs are political, about me and pure fiction.