Izo Dreamchaser

Dance Artist & Visual Artist

“Isaac Gasangwa” – Izo Dreamchaser

Isaac started dancing professionally at the age of 18 after graduating from high school. Growing up in Rwanda where dance is not considered an art form, he succeeded to create the first Afro - Hip Hop dance studio and was the founder of the best dance group in Rwanda (Jabbajunior). His passion and visionary eyes pushed him to do many projects to help his country and his dance career, and some of his important projects include starting the first dance studio in Rwanda, Jabbajunior foundation, and the Founder of Afrobeats dance Van.

In 2014 he moved to Canada (Vancouver) to hone his skills as a dancer and instructor. His determination to succeed pushed him to train in martial art and gymnastics. He uses his craft to entertain, bring a smile, inspire, and most importantly educate about African history and culture.

As a pioneer of Afrobeats dance in Vancouver, Isaac continues to teach weekly drop-ins, and several Afro events. The main events created by Isaac include Black Vancouver Artistry Night, theatre shows like Afrobeats Dance Night.

“Whatever your dreams are just don’t stop chasing them”, Dance and Art have been part of his life; and without them, he would have no purpose. He works hard and tries to improve a little every day, learning something new along the way.