Dances with Comet

Multidisciplinary Artists

Shanny Rann and Molly Lee are practitioners of Sanxing Taiji under the tutelage of Master Li Rong. They both competed in the International Taijiquan Exchange Competition in Tokushima, Japan where they won gold medals. Molly is also a Capoeira artist and Taiji instructor at Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

Vi An Diep, a Vietnamese-Canadian recording artist, specializes in spontaneous and intuitive compositions on various Asian long-plucked zithers, including the 13 stringed, Japanese koto, Vietnamese 17 stringed, đàn tranh and the 30 stringed, Chinese zheng instruments. Vi An is completely self-taught, making her debut in music when she was 10 years old. Since the age of ten, Vi An has independently produced 25 solo albums, including numerous collaborations with visual, theatre and movement artists, musicians, around the world.