Kin Balam


Balam Santos a.k.a. Kin Balam is from the Indigenous lands of Cuxkatan, Nekepio, El Salvador. He was born in the heart of a people’s revolution, raised in the Northern lands of Turtle Island. Burying his heart in pain and urban warfare as a youth, with a soul hungry for meaning and connection, Kin Balam learned years later to die to a lifestyle that has shattered the foundation of his community and country with blood and fire. Kin in Lenca Poton and Balam in Maya, translates to “The path of the jaguar,” is an artist who, in having the courage to live based off what the elders call the ‘Nahual’ or destiny, has also come to originate a new style of music.

Kin Balam studied under the renowned Flamenco guitar master Jeronimo Maya in Madrid, Spain at the age of 22. He has been producing Hip Hop music since the age of 11, playing guitar since the age of 8, and has focused on Afro Cuban percussion since the age of 2 years. Among his peers in any genre of music at the professional level, Kin Balam is held with deep respect and appreciation for not only his level of musicianship, but also the originality and quality of his music and soul.